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Welcome to Bush Veterinary Services, 
where we are committed to the highest level of veterinary care for each of our patients. Our veterinarians are dedicated to delivering individualized preventive care in order to promote the life-long health of all patients.
At Bush Veterinary Services, sick and wounded animals are treated with compassion as an accurate diagnosis is determined and treatment is delivered. From the smallest kitten to the largest herd, you can always expect the same quality care from our experienced caregivers.
Additionally, our veterinarians and staff will devote as much time as is needed to ensure that all owners understand the diagnosis, treatment, and care-giving instructions provided. Finally, we strive Our goal is to provide an accommodating, comfortable atmosphere for our patients and their owners, and we will never take for granted the trust each owner shows us by placing an animal in our care.
Having served North Central Indiana for more than 54 years, Bush Veterinary Services is the perfect choice for your animal care.
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